Mortgage Pre-Approval | Get pre-approved for a new home loan


Get PRE-APPROVED for a Mortgage

Shopping for a new home? Let Valley Mortgage provide you with a Pre-approval document. This way you can make offers on homes based on how large a mortgage loan you will be able to qualify for based on your financial situation. 

Pre-qualification vs Pre-approval – a HUGE Difference

There is a significant difference between a Pre-qualification letter and a Pre-approval document. Most lending institutions or mortgage brokers only ask a few basic questions and send you a Pre-qualification letter that may - or may NOT – accurately reflect your true mortgage borrowing limit

It's important that when you're shopping for a home you - your Realtor® and the perspective seller - are all confident you can qualify for the amount you offer for the purchase. Having pre-approval gives you an advantage over a prospective buyer who has only been pre-qualified. If you're looking at that perfect home, being pre-approved will be to your advantage.

At Valley Mortgage, we ask that you provide us with details, so we can provide you with an accurate Pre-Approval document. You’ll definitely feel more confident having a Pre-Approval letter when you and your Realtor are looking at homes. This is a list of items we may ask you to provide:

  • Your recent paystubs (covering the last 30 days)
  • Your employment history for the last 2 years
  • Your recent (2 years) personal and business tax returns (if applicable) & W-2’s
  • Your bank statements for the last 30 days (all pages) for all deposit accounts (checking and savings)
  • Your current statements for investments accounts (all pages) (401K’s, retirement, stocks, bonds, etc.)
  • A copy of current driver’s license(s).
  • Bankruptcy discharge, if applicable 
  • Divorce decree or child support orders

With a Valley Mortgage Pre-Approval letter, your Realtor will feel confident the homes you’re being shown will fit your budget. Call 701-461-8450 today to get started. Of course, there is no-cost or obligation.

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